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    What happens years after a zombie outbreak? We have all seen the movies about a virus that causes a zombie pandemic to ravage a region, but what happened after authorities got it under control?

    We present Zombie Man. A short film that takes place 28 years after a zombie outbreak and gives you a look into a world where zombies are a normal part of every day life.

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  • Watch our Film Intro Video

    We are proud to reveal our new film intro video! The film intro video will be shown at the start of all our films and should symbolize our passion for great stories.

    The visuals are the result of a lot of hard work from Eva Pfaff, our Art Lead. The music was composed by Michael Kakhiani, our composer of choice. They did an amazing job and we wish to congratulate them both on a job well done.

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16 Dec 2013

Coder God Production Wrapped

posted by Scott 0 Comments
Production is wrapped on Coder God!