14 Sep 2010

Film Intro Video!

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We are proud to reveal our new film intro video! The film intro video will be shown at the start of all our films and should symbolize our passion for great stories.

The visuals are the result of a lot of hard work from Eva Pfaff, our Art Lead. The music was composed by Michael Kakhiani, our composer of choice. They did an amazing job and we wish to congratulate them both on a job well done.

Below is the full version. Click the logo to start and Enjoy!

15 Responses to “Film Intro Video!”

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    John Harris says:

    Wow. This looks great! Job well done.

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    Jose says:

    Totally Awesome! Amazing!

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    Juan says:

    Awesome, great job

  4. Avatar
    Justine says:

    What an incredible trademark piece! Nice job.

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    Mallory says:

    Wonderful video intro, Eva! What a fantastic job, especially the transformation scene. The music and animation are seamless.

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    Amy says:


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    Sarah says:

    INCREDIBLE! I feel like it told a really epic story in less than a minute.

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    Skirst says:

    Awesome video and site! Expecting great things….

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    Aunt Carla says:

    I love it, Eva! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful!

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    Dina says:


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    Roland Flanagan says:

    Totally fantastic. You nailed it, Eva.

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    Prashant says:

    Incredible. Wonderful work. like it. It’s really ur first assignment? I cant believe

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    Saksham says:

    It’s really nice>>>>>>>>Expecting great things…. keep,t up

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    You asked questions, Now for the Answers! @ EvaPfaff.com says:

    [...] To watch the video click here. [...]

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