21 Sep 2010

Open for Business

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Solar Light Films dot com is live and open for business. We are officially out of beta phase. Sign up for your MicroProducer account and let’s make a movie!

If you have been tracking our progress over the past several months, you will no doubt know that we have been working quite hard to prepare for this day. Here is a quick run down of the goings on at SLF.

First and foremost, writing! Scripts don’t write themselves so story creation is a non-stop endeavor. I’m not sure we could stop even if we didn’t enjoy it. The ideas come whether you are ready or not. Once the muse shoots you with his arrow (cupid’s brother), you have no more control over your desire than falling in love. Stories and the creation of stories are an essential element to our health, I’m sure of it.

Secondly, this website. Solar Light Films is a custom work, by us! No need for outside help on this one. All the creativity and technical skills in one shop. Glorious!

Speaking of creative and technical, the pair of intro videos.

The website intro video, titled Welcome to SLF, was created by us, for us. Self serving sure, but very fun and ultimately necessary to explain what being a MicroProducer is all about. If after watching the video you still have questions, we setup the MicroProducer Guide to answer them.

Last but not least, the Film Intro Video. With story by yours truly and monster skills shown by our own Eva Pfaff, the butterfly video has proven to be a benchmark in quality and execution. If you haven’t watched it yet, click as fast as you can over to the video and experience an epic story in less than a minute.

We have set the bar high for all future production work, but I know we’ll not disappoint. We have a great team and love telling stories.

Thanks for reading.

- Scott

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