04 Feb 2011

Zombie Makeup Test

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The SLF team conducted our first makeup test for Zombie Man.

I am very happy to share this with you as this is one of the reasons why film making is so much fun. How else could you to turn your friend into a zombie and not be legally obligated to put him down afterwards?

We experimented with different looks and techniques. And most importantly, we found a nice workflow for turning mere actors into the undead.

Our team interviewed a new makeup artist. Say hello to Andrew in picture 2. Andrew enjoys long walks through the streets of San Diego as a zombie with his 800 closest friends. Andrew will make a great addition to the team.

We are excited for the coming months as we turn the page from pre-production to production. If you haven’t already, sign up as a micro-producer, buy a token and apply it to the Zombie Man project. You will be able to watch all of our behind the scenes videos including one on this makeup test.

Thanks for reading,

- Scott

The first step is to make Rob uncomfortable

Then we advertise Solar Light Films via t-shirt

Apply the snot to Robert's face

You have a bit of red on your face

Uh oh, now we have to put him down

Rob calls 911 because we tried to kill him... big baby

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