29 Mar 2011

Zombie Makeup Test 2

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The SLF team conducted our second makeup test for Zombie Man. We turn our actors into zombies and achieve a film ready look for each of them.

We conducted another makeup test to perfect our zombie look, workflow and give the actors a chance to experience the process. There is something special that happens when an actor slips into character and nothing eases that process more than wardrobe. Putting on the makeup and rehearsing in character makes the whole experience come to life.

One of the greatest things about making movies in San Diego is the opportunity to meet other filmmakers. We invited our friends Dean and Nina Gates to take part in our makeup test. Dean and Nina both had a long career in both beauty and special fx makeup. Look them up on IMDB and you’ll see why I jumped at the chance to get them involved.

Without further delay, here are some pics from the night.

Normal Pia

Normal Rick

Normal Shane

Pia with Mask

Rick with Mask

Shane Partial

Zombie Pia

Zombie Rick

Zombie Shane

Group Hug!

Eva and her Creations

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    Elisia Heidt says:

    I knew that my brother was handsome! I just didn’t know how really good looking he was with a face lift. This is fabulous the make up is great.

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    Ron sichra says:

    Heard about this sight solar light films an was blown away with the indepth attention to detail shane your face was scarey as shit great artist but great actor …

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