Code Duello

We received a call on a friday asking if we would like to test out a new camera. By sunday night, we had completed writing, pre-production and production on Code Duello.

Code Duello ("rules of the duel") is a short film that attempts to bring something new to the age old gun fight. As much a music video as it is a film, we endeavor to entertain with classic western shots mixed with heart thumping music.

As with most creative projects, our initial vision for this project was much grander than time would permit. Somewhere, deep on our hard drives, are animations of a robotic "duel" officiant, a massive city skyline and a cell phone turned holographic countdown timer. So, consider this a snapshot of a larger yet unwritten story.

Some tech specs:
A one day shoot using a Sony FS700 and Atomos Samurai provided by Video Gear. About 40 man hours of post-production which included editing in Adobe Premiere, Color Grading in Davinci Resolve, and SFX in Adobe After Effects. Finally, published with care to Vimeo for your viewing pleasure.