Zombie Man

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What happens years after a zombie outbreak? We have all seen the movies about a virus that causes a zombie pandemic to ravage a region, but what happened after authorities got it under control?

We present Zombie Man. A short film that takes place 28 years after a zombie outbreak and gives you a look into a world where zombies are a normal part of every day life.

This is not your typical zombie movie. It's part comedy, drama and most definitely political satire.

Zombie Man is about a young man searching for his mother, who was turned into a zombie and taken from him as a child. Finding Mombie is the only thing that matters and has taken him deep into a zombie preserve.

The rest of the world copes with the new dynamic; the living finding a way to co-exist with the undead. With the passing of a new law, all zombies must be relocated to a nearby zombie preserve. This causes a division in our society that nearly splits the country in half.

The pro-rights movement, lead by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies, see the zombies as merely humans with an infection deserving of respect and care. While the TEA MZ Party wishes to eradicate the infected and if a few living die in the process, so be it.

From the extremes and everywhere in between, our story will explore our world with a z-factor twist. Take a look at our world through the eyes of Zombie Man.

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